Football Rallies for Playoff Win after Flu Outbreak


Yasmine Chang, Staff Writer

Despite battling a flu virus that depleted its ranks during the week leading up to the game, the varsity football team defeated Livermore 41-16 at home in the North Coast Section (NCS) Division II Quarterfinals on November 15.

According to junior kicker Jacob Tabibian, “There’s been a flu going around, a lot of people are getting it. It hit me pretty bad, some other people didn’t get it as bad, but there have been a lot of sickness.”

Tabibian said that he “wasn’t able to practice at all” for 2 weeks leading up to the game and that the game was rougher than it should have been. “I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things. It was difficult to get back into it,” he said. 

Head coach Kevin Macy agreed that the flu impacted their performance, but he was pleased with how well the players who were affected persevered. “I mean, everyone’s had the flu. I think maybe that’s the best thing about tonight is, how many kids were getting past [it],” he said. 

The squad was confident going into the game, according to Macy. “I think the players felt confident. Based on the fact that we had a really good week of practice, they were very hungry for this night. So I felt everyone felt good coming in. The energy was high, the confidence was high,” he said. 

The game began with a 1st quarter interception by senior cornerback Ryan Fritch and a touchdown by senior quarterback Grant Harper. Seniors Ryan O’Neil and Will Windatt scored 2 touchdowns each in the 1st half.

The Cougars never trailed, and finished the half leading 34-10.

“They did well. I never would have guessed that the flu struck them too,” freshman cheerleader Raena Chan said. “They persevered and I think that was really important so that they could win the game.”

The team will face Vintage High School in Napa for the NCS Division II Semifinals on November 23.