Dons Outplay “Overconfident” Football Squad


Kylie Choi, Staff Writer

Taking advantage of a complacent Cougar squad, Acalanes beat the varsity football team 17-7, on October 19 in the Dons’ home stadium.

Head coach Kevin Macy thought his players came into the game overconfident and that, “in some ways [they] sort of did it to [themselves.]”

Injuries were also a factor for the visiting team. According to Macy, multiple players sat out of practice leading up to the game for a variety of reasons, including concussions, shoulder injuries and ankle problems.  However, his players were able to rehab and return for the game.

Macy also said he had seen “a little arrogant streak with some of the kids that they were warned about.”

Players have not been putting in “a deep enough effort into bettering themselves for the game” and that “they need a little bit of humbling so they can sort of reset themselves,” added the long-time Coach.

Senior defensive end Jackson Wheeler said, “Our team didn’t play a very good game, and against a good opponent that lead to a loss.”

Senior defensive end Mason Mastrov said that, although he put his full effort into the game, football is “completely a team effort. No one person can carry the game. It’s how we all play together.” 

Mastrov and Wheeler agreed that the team’s offensive line needs work. 

Macy spread the blame around, including the referees in his list of reasons for the loss. “We always tell our kids, ‘Every time you play at Acalanes, there’s one consistency, and that’s the officiating.’”

Wheeler added that the team “can never rely on the refs to be 100% accurate in any game.” 

While this was the last Acalanes-Campolindo game for the senior class, Mastrov hopes that the loss will motivate the juniors next year. “After this loss there’s going to be a sour taste in our junior class and they’re going to be ready to beat Acalanes next year, and plus it’s going to be at home and it’s tough to beat us at home,” said Mastrov.