Basketball Advances after NCS Error

Ava Charlesworth and Layla Wright

The 1st round game of the boy’s North Coast Section (NCS) basketball tournament between Campolindo and Pinole Valley was canceled on February 12 due to an NCS error.

The Spartans, which held an overall record of 8-20 for the 2018-19 season, called off the game just hours before tipoff. However, according to basketball coach Stephen Dyer, it was the officials of the NCS that were at fault for the last minute cancelation.

“The North Coast Section basically screwed up with who they allowed into the playoffs,” said Dyer. “The [Spartans] ended up not really being eligible for the playoffs, so it wasn’t technically a forfeit when they removed the team from the bracket and we advanced on a bye,” he said.

Team captain Jake Chan said the abrupt cancellation was “shocking.”  Chan was also disappointed that his squad would have to wait an entire week between games.

The next matchup will be between the Cougars and the Piner High School Prospectors at Santa Rosa on February 15. The Prospectors boast an overall record of 19-8, compared to the Cougars’ 20-6.

Both the athletes and their fans are eager for playoff action.

“The Red Sea was ready to show up for our boys, but we’re saving up our spirit for the next rounds,” said senior John Cirelli, who is 1 of the students behind the Campo Sixth Man account on Instagram, a page that keeps its followers updated on upcoming games and conducts post-game interviews with players.