Penney Posts Time Time at Event Testing


Juan-Pablo Garcia, Staff Writer

The track and field team held its annual event testing on February 15. All members of the squad competed in 4 different events: 300 meter sprint, 1200 meter run, long jump, and shot put.

The 300m was conducted in heats of 5 to 6 athletes. Sophomore Finlay Penney topped all competitors with a time of 39.6 seconds.

“The 300 and the 400m are the hardest races for the sprint team, and I always get nervous because the long distance team can sometimes be as fast as us,” said Penney.

Sophomore Jessica Rosiak, who has been a member of the distance squad, discovered that she also has a talent for throwing.  Her performance in the shot put at the event testing has her coaches considering moving her into that event at dual meets.

Freshman Emily Hatch produced one of the fastest 300m times.  Later in the day she returned to the track to beat several veteran distance runners in the 1200m.

Sprint Coach Joey Woolridge thanks that “Hatch has potential in the sprint races and in hurdles.”

Senior Lucas Moore recorded the top mark in the shot put. His 42-foot toss was several feet ahead of the next best competitor.  Moore has spent the last 3 seasons in the shadow of older teammates like Andrew Kimball, who earned a berth in the state championship as a senior in 2018.

“I am the best thrower right now, since Kimball left for college. I hope I can keep the title with the hard-working rookies around,” said Moore.

Sophomore Dylan Gunn won the 1200m while junior Cayden Hein finished a close 2nd.

“I feel good about the 1200m, it wasn’t the hardest race but I still gave it my best,” said Gunn.

Hein has been impressed with the younger Gunn. “He made the Varsity team his freshman year, and I think he will be the best athlete Campolindo can offer,” he said.