Spring Season Shifts Forward 1 Week

Sarah Naughten, Staff Writer

For the 1st time, the spring sports season will begin before the 1st Monday of February.  A result of the California Interscholastic Federation’s decision to shift the sports season forward by 1 week, this year official spring sport practice sessions will start on January 28.

This change was due to an increase in California schools staring earlier in August and ending their school years in late May, which created a growing conflict between sport championships and high school graduations in June.

With the rescheduling, some athletes are finding it harder to participate in multiple sports over the year. “In my opinion, it’s not good because soccer is going to be going past the start of track so I’ll have to miss more of track,” said junior soccer and track and field athlete Joel Kofman.

Another concern is the winter weather in January and February.”I don’t like it because it’s going to mean that when we start swimming it’s going to be a lot colder,” said junior diver Annika Sonne. 

But according to senior track and field athlete Maddy Doane, “I like the fact that track starts earlier this year because that means that when we get into June, when state and meet of champions are happening, they aren’t right before finals so it gives me more time to study and focus running well at those meets.”

For the record, due to the shift, the track and field Meet of Champions will be held May 17 and 18 while the track and field state meet will be held May 24 and 25.  The whole point of making the change is so that there will not be sport competition in June.

Sophomore softball player Sarah Tallarico said, “it is better that we are starting earlier because it gives us more practice for those who have never played and for those who need to get back into it.”  However, the season itself is no being lengthened.  Contrary to what some athletes may believe, the spring season is the same length as it has been.  The difference is that it will start 1 week earlier and end 1 week earlier.