Dons Shut Down Girls’ Soccer Scorers


Nicole Kennedy and Erika Riedel

The varsity girls’ soccer squad battled to a 0-0 tie against Acalanes on December 13 in their home stadium.

According to sophomore Kendall Runkel, her team had beaten the Dons twice last year. “We knew it was going to be a hard game [but when it] was a close game and it surprised me,” Runkel said.

While their Diablo Athletic League rivals brought their “A” game, Runkel was satisfied with the level of effort put forth by the Cougars.

Junior Devon Ortman said, “We all knew that we were going to be better than them, I just think that we thought ‘we can’t be nervous, we have to play how we always play and play to win.”

Yet, Acalanes was not intimidated, playing with an intense physicality. “Anna [Solomon] got tackled in goal. Their forward just came up and knocked her down,” Runkel said.

The Cougar lineup against the Dons featured 4 freshman players: Anna Solomon, Mia Columbini, Ella Columbini, and Sami Kolin stepped onto the field with “something to prove”, according to senior Nicole Huebner.

“It was kind of intense and it was really nerve-racking but when you have your teammates there with you it is more fun,” said Mia Columbini of the pressure that comes with being a young player at the varsity level.

“I think they were nervous at first but once the game started they realized that it was just like any other game. Anna [Solomon], the goalie, played the 2nd half so she was probably anticipating it a little more than the others because she had to wait a half. But they all played great” said Ortman.

Sophomore Jojo Flower said, “The freshman played really well and really stepped it up. The [Colum]bini twins did great, Sami was like nails and Anna in goal, nothing got past her.”

The newbies brought a contagious energy to the field “bringing up the team’s intensity”, said senior Julia Columbini.

Campolindo maintained possession throughout much of the 1st half and were successful in moving around the other team, according to Mia Columbini.

“We should have finished our chances in the 1st half and because we didn’t it made it a really dangerous game and that’s why it was a tie,” said Hueber.

“I think we would have won if we finished our shots because I think that we did really well overall and our play was really good but we were unable to take the advantage,” said Mia Columbini.

“We need to remember that every goal counts”, recounted sophomore Siena Decarlo about the team’s inability to put the ball in the net.

“Moving forward we are going to work on actually finishing the ball and putting it into the goal. Also, putting away the game in the first half so in the second half if they come out stronger than us than we will be prepared and have a cushion” said Ortman.