Soccer Rallies after Red Card to Beat Broncos

Juan-Pablo Garcia, Staff Writer

Campolindo’s varsity boys’ soccer team won a hard-fought match against Northgate’s Broncos on December 6.

In the 1st half of the game, Campolindo’s seniors Nathan Links and Montreux Maeder each scored a goal. While the team was defending its lead in the final minutes of the 1st half, junior Beck Chambers earned a red card for physical contact that referee determined to be flagrant.

Chambers “charged at another player,” said sophomore player Hari Stroyanov.

The red card ruling requires the offending team to remove that player from the field of play without replacement.  Therefore, the Cougars were forced to continue the game playing “a man down.”

According to Campolindo senior Jose Carra Hernandez, maintaining the lead became a challenge to his squad’s fitness, as the remaining players had to cover more ground on the field.

Even with the missing player, the Cougars managed to add another goal at approximately the 60 minute mark in the contest. Sophomore Luca Scapinelli scored to put his team up, 3-0.

After Scapinelli’s score, Campolindo switched to a defensive scheme and simply held on to the final whistle.

“It was because of everyone’s hard work, goalkeeper security, defensive responsiveness, midfield connection and forward ability to strike on goal, that we won,” said Hernandez.

“We all played well, everyone did their part and played their best,” agreed junior Joel Kofman.