Spartans Dominate Boys’ Lacrosse


Samuel Ganten, Editor

Boys’ varsity lacrosse fell to De La Salle 2-19 on April 17. It was the team’s largest margin of defeat during a tough stretch for the defending NCS champions.

“It has been a bad season for us,” admitted head coach Colin Knightly.

The Spartans scored 8 points against the Cougars in the 1st period. Campolindo’s defense stiffened, but by the end of the 1st half, the score was 10-1. The lone goal came from freshman Sam Rack, who found the net in the final minutes of the 2nd quarter.

Senior Dominic Chilimidos was disappointed with his team’s slow start. “We came out flat-footed, and they responded properly,” he said.

De La Salle scored 6 points in the 3rd quarter and 3 in the 4th.

Meanwhile, Campolindo continued to struggle offensively. Junior Cole Barlow was the only Cougar able to penetrate the Spartan defense in the 2nd half.

Senior Brian Gross said his squad was unable to execute their game plan, which included winning the possession battle. “We were trying to possess the ball and to stop the other team from scoring,” he said.

In the end, the score was indicative of the disparity in the level of play from each team. “De La Salle is a very good team, and they just did a better job at both defending and scoring points against us,” said Gross.

The Cougars currently have just 2 wins on the season, a dramatic difference over last year, when they accumulated 13 victories in the regular season. Chilimidos said that much of last year’s success was due to a strong class of seniors who have since graduated.

“Most of our team is 1st-year varsity players,” said Chilimidos.

In spite of the losing record, some players are still hopeful the squad will somehow manage to make the NCS tournament and defend their title.

“We have to win to keep our playoff hopes alive,” said Gross. “It isn’t likely, but we have to try.”