Sailing Club Fields Long Beach Squad

Ronald Hohnsbeen, Staff Writer

The sailing club attended the annual Newport Regatta in Long Beach the weekend of January 7. The regatta lasted from Saturday through Sunday, hosting 108 teams ranging from 8th grade to college-level. Campolindo finished 13th out of the 23 schools in the bronze division.

The Campolindo crew consisted of senior Ryter Ullrich, sophomore Carla Leone, freshman Ronald Hohnsbeen, and 8th grader Haley Rasilla.

A student at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, which does not have a sailing team, Rasilla was allowed to participate with the Campolindo squad. “Even though I am younger than 90% of the other sailors, I felt at home in the boat and I was happy to race,” said Rasilla.

“I think that the range of ages in each of the tiers is good because it gives the younger people confidence in themselves, and it motivates the younger racers, and because of the large age range between all of our racers, we all were motivated to race hard,” said Ulrich, the squad’s captain.

“The conditions were perfect for a good regatta, and Long Beach is a really pretty venue. Last year, the conditions were not ideal because there was very little wind and it was extremely cold,” said Ulrich.  According to Ulrich, the team’s 13th place finish was an improvement over previous years a this particular regatta.

Saturday’s race was fairly slow because of intermittent wind, but the conditions allowed the more skilled teams to shine.