Alessandria Commits to UCLA Crew

Ronald Hohnsbeen, Staff Editor

A 3-year crew veteran, senior Amanda Alessandria has committed to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Alessandria, who rows in the Alemeda Estuary, began the sport during her sophomore year, at her mother’s request. “My mom rowed crew when she was my age-in high school- and recommended it to me,” said Alessandria.

Senior Kate Miles, one Alessandria’s teammates explained that Alessandria is “an amazing crew member” who is “always positive and always fully committed.” Alessandria, said Miles, is a teammate who “inspires others to do their best, and is a role model to younger rowers.”

“Amanda was always a good athlete, but over the course of her rowing career, she has gotten more confident and [become] a better athlete,” said Oakland Strokes women’s varsity rowing coach Beth Anderson. “Alessandria is an amazing role model for anybody in any sport,” she added. “Alessandria has an amazing work ethic.”

Alessandria is both excited and nervous to attend UCLA. “I have . . . done some things that I thought were impossible, and [that] has made me more confident,” she explained. Nevertheless, she is still wary of the vigorous academics of college. Alessandria hopes she can transfer the attitude and strengths she has gained from rowing to her academic career.

Alessandria doesn’t foresee crew as being a definitive activity in her adult life. “I would like to row ahead of the Charles River again when I’m older,” Alessandria said, in reference to rowing last year in Cambridge, MA. She does not, however, plan to proceed with crew as a hobby or sport after college.

“Alessandria will be a great fit and an amazing contender,” said Anderson, speaking both to Alessandria’s ability to perform as a rower and as a student.