Lacrosse Star Rocking Classroom

Ryan Jeter, Staff Writer

Junior Foster Jones has been playing 3 sports a year (football, basketball, and lacrosse) since freshman year. He earned 1st team all-league status for lacrosse last year as a sophomore.

This year Jones has helped lacrosse achieve an 8-2 record and a top 40 ranking in the state. “We are a great team this year, we have got a lot of great seniors that have been playing really well so far,” said Jones.

Jones also excels in the classroom, currently holding a 4.7 GPA that has attracted recruiters from colleges like Bucknell, Cornell, and other eastern schools.”Playing 3 sports is really tough, but I work really hard in school, which has been really rewarding,” added Jones.

His intense focus in the classroom hasn’t stopped Jones from also aspiring to be a leader on the playing field. “This year, I’ve tried being more of a leader and showing by example, which I think has helped in our team’s success,” said Jones.

“He is a great player and leader for the team who has been a great mentor for me and some of the other younger guys” added Jones’ sophomore teammate Hunter Coakley.

While his athletic prowess is impressive, Jones does have a hierarchy of interests. “I do love playing sports, but at the end of the day school is and always will be the number 1 priority for me” said Jones.

Jones, who is looking to apply to schools such as Cornell and Duke, said that whichever college he chooses to play for must meet his academic standards first.