Tennis Extends Win Streak


Samuel Ganten

Singles Player Seren Tochikara serves a ball towards his opponent. Seren goes on to win his match.

Samuel Ganten, Staff Writer

Boys’ varsity tennis maintained their winning streak after taking a 6-3 victory over Acalanes on March 28. The Cougars won 6 of the 9 matches against the Dons.

“It was one of our better games,” said singles player Zach Goldman. “We went 5-4 last time, so this was good for us. Many stepped up and played better than last time. It was a lot of surprise.”

Campolindo won 5 out of 6 singles matches, but only 1 out 3 doubles matches. The doubles matches were contested after the singles matches, when the wind picked up.

“It was an anomaly, and one of our only losses in doubles,” said singles player Nick Bohm. “Regardless, we still have a good lineup and a good team.”

“Sometimes our doubles teams have hard matches,” added junior Seren Tochikara.

“We faced some really tough doubles teams,” said Goldman. “[Losses in doubles] hasn’t been a problem this season, and we will perform better next time.”

Currently, the boys tennis team stands at 7-0 in league and 9-3 overall for the season. The general expectation for the team is to continue performing at this level and to make it to the playoffs and the North Coast Sectionals.

“It’s still going to be tough to get to NCS, but hopefully we’ll win,” added Goldman.