Teams Open Spring Sport Season

Annette Ungermann, Staff Writer

The following spring sports teams will be holding tryouts the 2nd week of February, starting Monday, February 6.


Tryouts begin on February 6 and extend to February 11 for all players hoping to make the freshman, JV, and varsity teams. Tryouts will take place at 3:30pm and athletes will meet in the varsity baseball field stands.


Tryouts for girls’ JV and varsity Lacrosse will be held February 6 through 9 on the lower grass field. Tryouts on February 6 and 8 are from 3:30-5:30pm, and from 3:00-5:00pm on February 7 and 9.


There will be multiple tryouts for softball, the 1st one involving players not currently playing a winter sport. Those athletes must attend the tryout on Monday, February 6 at 3:30pm. A list of players that have made it past the first round of cuts will be posted on February 11. After the posting, there will be one more round of tryouts, including a Saturday practice. Regular practices are Monday-Friday with occasional Saturday practices.


The 1st day of practice, which is open to all, is February 6 from 3:30-4:30pm, but there will be no swimming until the next day, February 7. All 3 teams (JV A, JV B, and varsity) will practice 3:15-5:15pm every weekday, with additional Friday morning practices for the varsity team. Athletes will be sorted into the respective teams on the first day of practice, though placement is subject to change.


Tryouts for JV and varsity tennis teams are from February 6 through 9, starting at 3:15pm and continuing until it gets dark.

“We have a great team, it’s a great group of guys, we have a lot of fun together. The practices are really enjoyable, and we should be good this year for the first time in a while, so if there are any good players they should come and join the team,” varsity senior Jake Oxendine said.


A non-cut sport, Track & Field’s first practice session is on February 6, beginning at 3:20pm. Track & field events include hurdles, long jump and triple jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus, sprints, relays and distance.

“The track and field program offers athletes a great opportunity to work on the fundamentals of speed, strength, agility, and endurance, which translates into better performance in any sport,” said coach Chuck Woolridge. “There’s usually something that is appealing for everyone, and something in which each individual can find success.”


Tryouts for the JV and varsity teams are from February 6 through 11. Tryouts are located in the cafeteria from 7:45-8:45pm and from 8:45-10:00pm in the small gym on the February 6 and 9, 6:00-9:00pm on February 7, 4:00-6:30pm on February 8, and 6:00-9:00pm on February 10. All sessions are in the small gym. Tryout times and location on February 11 are TBA, and extended tryouts are available for winter sports athletes and athletes that are trying out for multiple spring sports.


Tryouts for boys’ golf will start on February 6 at 3:30pm at the Moraga Country Club, and will meet at the large putting green on the corner of Moraga Way and St. Andrews Drive. Moraga Country Club has a dress code that requires players to wear slacks or golf shorts and a collared shirt for tryouts. Team captains for the 2017 season are senior Jack Moeller and junior Ryan Burnett.


Tryouts are Monday through Friday the week of February 6, and Monday through Thursday the week of February 13. They will all be located on the stadium turf, except for Wednesday, February 8, which will take place on the lower grass field from 3:30-5:30pm.  On February 6 and 7, tryouts are at 7:30-9:00pm, and from 7:30-9:00pm from February  13 through 16. Morning practice begins at 6:45am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. The practices are mandatory for varsity members, and optional for JV players.


Students that want to participate in any spring sport are required to turn in an athletic clearance form, signed by their physician, as well as an emergency contacts and physical exam form.  Students will be unable to try out or practice if these forms are not turned in to the box on the counter of the Counseling Office. These forms can be found online by visiting the athletic registration website – online registration is also accessible via the Campolindo website.