Softball Ends Season with Home Loss

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

The girls’ softball squad wrapped up their season with a 2-4 home loss against Dublin on May 19.

Freshman softball player Hope Chu said the game was “tough”.

“We didn’t get the outcome that we wanted,” Chu said. However, Chu believes the losses do provide a kind of benefit: “It just makes us work harder. It makes us work together more and communicate, like, on the field. We, like, encourage each other. Like, if someone makes a mistake they just brush it of and get coached up,” she explained.

According to Abigail Morris, her squad was hoping to turn a new leaf against the Gaels. “We had a kinda hard time playing all season as one team together so I think our focus was to have fun and work together,” she said.

According to Morris, in spite of the lass, sophomore Ashley Thom’s home run was a game highlight. “It was her first home run of the season. That was exciting,” Morris said.

Morris attributed some of the struggles her team experienced over the course of the year to the disparity between players.  The range of levels of experience, interest and talent are broad.

“It can be kinda difficult because there is, like, a bunch of different levels within the team. We have some girls who are gonna be, like, going to college for softball, girls who have never played a game in their life, and so it can be kinda difficult, like, I think for, especially the girls who have never played before, to try to be, like, learning how to do a sport while trying to play competitively with a sport they’ve never done, said Morris.

With such diversity, according the Morris, there was an added burden placed on the veteran and more skilled players. “…sometimes the more experienced players are trying to help the less experienced players, but then you also have to focus on your own playing as well as everyone else on the team,” she said.