Senior Night Signals Season End for Lacrosse

Mia Calusic, Staff Writer

Both the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse programs celebrated their graduating seniors the first week of May prior to evening games at home.

The girls’ senior night was held on May 3 prior to their home game while the boys’ recognized their seniors before their game on May 6.

Senior Sophia Hubbell said, “I appreciate it because it gives the seniors a chance to think about all the years that they played and it’s like a good bye on the last league game.”

Hubbell said it was an emotional night with many girls crying.  For some, the close of the season marked the end of their lacrosse careers, while for other, it signaled a new beginning as they look ahead to post high school plans.

Victoria Fleming was proud of the accomplishments of her squad. “This year we broke a ton of records! The previous record was 13 wins overall and we got 14. The previous goal record was 258 and we got 279, with a goal deferential used to be 63 but now it’s 78. We beat Acalanes for the 1st time ever in program history and it was the 2nd time we have been to playoffs in 4 years,” she said.

Senior Andrew Brown said he was happy with the camaraderie he developed with his teammates. “It was fun. It was something I’ll remember for a long time and a lot of guys will also,” he said.

The varsity boys’ lacrosse team finished the season with a win to clinch its first-ever league title.