Quirky Swim Culture Continues

Mia Calusic, staff writer

While the “fashion show” was eliminated this year, freshman boys on the Cougar swim squad could not escape the ongoing tradition of having their heads shaved prior to the league championship meet.

According to Varsity swimmer Jio Chang, not having enough time to coordinate date fashion show was a disappointment. “We get all the clothes from the lost and found and then we make all the 1st-year varsity swimmers and the freshmen dress up in it and they walk down a cat walk of kick boards. It’s really great!” she explained.

The varsity team did carry on with the hair cutting tradition however. “The shaving heads is for people, the DFALs, when you’re on varsity that year all the older guys get to shave your hair. It’s really funny!” said freshman varsity swimmer Ashleen O’Brien.

The championship season is also a traditional time for the team to celebrate with social gatherings. “Right before our DFALs or our NCS somebody hosts a pasta feed. And there is a lot of team bonding there and it’s a lot of fun,” said junior Jolen Griffin.