Boys’ LAX Supports Oakland Club

Julia Sabey, Staff Writer

In an effort to raise money for students from Oakland Public Schools, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team held a fundraiser prior to and during their game against Alhambra on April 29. Alongside money, they also collected lacrosse gear to donate to impoverished youth athletes.

According to the GoFundMe created by senior player Austin Mello, his team is working with The Oakland Lacrosse Club, which is “a non profit that uses the sport of lacrosse as a medium to provide mentoring, nutrition education, and academic support to youth from Oakland Public Schools.” The program currently supports over 100 players on 4 teams. According to their website, Oakland Lacrosse Club has introduced lacrosse to over 3,000 middle school students.

Not only did the lacrosse team beat Alhambra’s team 19-1, but the team raised almost $3600, and collected about 30 lacrosse sticks, 11 helmets, and countless pads.

“Families and individuals could make monetary pledge for how much they would donate per ground ball,” explained senior Hunter Wheeler of his team’s fundraiser. “‘We had 48 total ground balls picked up by Campo.”

According to the Oakland Lacrosse Club’s website, the program gives students more than just an opportunity to play. Athletes receive over 100 hours of academic support, which includes individual learning plans and a study hall. At every practice and game the Oakland Lacrosse Club provides a healthy snack option. They have also teamed up with Whole Foods Specialists to educate players on how to fuel their bodies effectively.

With the success of this first time event, the varsity team hopes to make it a tradition. “The plan is to make it annual, so next year the seniors will take over,” said Mello.