Boys’ Volleyball Prepares to Defend Legacy

Nick Johnson and Kuvin Hayer

While the loss of several key veterans like Joe Worsley and Jack Cole to graduation is significant, the boys’ volleyball team, which has enjoyed a recent string of championship seasons, is moving forward.

“We can’t try to replace them and we can’t dwell that they’re not there to help us.  We have to quickly move on and create our own identity and identify what our strengths are.  That’s how we’ll establish who we are this year,” head coach Dave Chen said.

The recent success of the program includes 6 league titles, 5 North Coast Section titles and 3 Nor Cal titles.

“We recently lost a really good class of graduates so the season is gonna look tougher than it normally does but I have really high hopes. We have a really enthusiastic class of seniors and im really looking forward to it its gonna be a lot of fun. Returning to varsity I just want to be a bigger part of the team this year. I want to win NCS and win NorCal,” said junior Matt Lai.

“We’re always striving to continue the tradition that has been set for us. This starts with another league title. This year the field is wide open. There could be four teams vying for the title and the automatic NCS berth. After that would be NCS and hopefully another chance at a NorCal title,” said Chen.