Pan Drives for Golf Career

Andie Cohen, Staff Writer

The Campolindo golf team has benefited from their rookie sensation, freshman Ashley Pan.

Pan competed in the DFAL playoffs on October 19 alongside the rest of the Campolindo team.

Pan, who was elected to the All-League team in just her first high school season, still experiences the nervousness you would expect a freshman to have in spite of her obvious talent. “It was the first time I went, so I was kind of anxious,” Pan said about how she felt before the tournament. Pan went on to shoot a 75 to lead her team.

The arrival of Pan has raised the standard for the entire Cougar golf program. Freshman teammate Kathrine Kaidantzis said, “I think she pushed the team to do better, because everyone thought Ashley was really good and we wanted to play more like her.”

Pan was one of 4 freshman on this year’s squad.  The quartet stuck together and formed a network of support. Kaidantzis added, “All of the freshman girls bonded; we made like a little team, so when we went out to play the four of us would always go out together.”

While in just her first high school season, Pan is actually a veteran of the sport and has made it one of her highest priorities. She has been playing golf for 7 years, and hopes to pursue golf throughout her life: “I’m going to try to do it as a career; maybe in college,” she said.

“I have been so determined to do it since I was smaller; to work towards a goal. It is probably one of the biggest goals that I have wanted to accomplish,” Pan said. Still, Pan is keeping her options open as to what college she will attend.

In addition to playing golf on the Campolindo team, she attends various tournaments on her own. Pan said, “It takes up a lot of time actually, but I just try to get out whenever my dad has time to drive me.” According to Pan, she typically practices at the Moraga Country Club when she is not managing Campolindo practices.

Pan also played on the golf team at her middle school, Joaquin Moraga.