Summer Renovations Close Stadium


Casey Miller, Editor in Chief

According to athletic director Tom Renno, Bob Wilson Stadium, home to Campolindo’s football, soccer, lacrosse and track and field teams, will be renovated with the installation of new field turf and a new top layer of polyurethane on the track. Beginning immediately following the conclusion of this school year, the project will take two months, from mid-June to mid-August, during which time the stadium will be closed.

“The athletic turf is on a ten year cycle, and we’re up for renewal,” Renno explained.

The last time the turf was redone was in 2005.

“If you’ve been up on the turf recently, you may have seen that spots on the turf are wearing through,” Renno said. “It needs to be cleaned, and just because of general wear-and-tear it needs to be redone [completely].”

Budgeting for athletic facility maintenance was set up many years ago by the district and each school site has a planned cycle for renovation.

“The money is coming from district bond money that had been passed in order to upgrade our facilities. It had been scheduled out and all the turf fields throughout the district are on this ten year cycle. Miramonte just got a new field last year, and Acalanes 2 years ago, and now it’s our turn in the cycle,” Renno said.

While no one will be allowed into the stadium during the summer renovation, it will not impact the preseason practices of football or cross country, according to Renno.

The football team will practice on the lower grass field, while the cross country team will condition on local sidewalks and trails.

“It should be done by mid-August and fall sports should not be impacted by it,” Renno said. “We have the lower grass field that will be used more, but sports will not be impacted by this.”