Mats Take NCS Title over Girls’ Soccer

Ryan Lansing, Staff Writer

After a regular season record of 14-7-3 , girls’ soccer was defeated by Miramonte on a last minute goal in the North Coast Section Championship game at Northgate High School on February 28.  The final score was 1-0.

Earlier this season, the girls defeated Miramonte 3-2. In that game, the score was tied until a last minute goal by the Cougars.

Head coach Ernesto Silva said, “I think that we really went out there and gave a good show. Everybody gave everything that they had.”

Sophomore goaltender Haleigh Goett said that the team is proud of the 2nd place section finish. “We are so happy with how far we have made it. We are obviously upset with the outcome, but I am so proud of my team and how close we have gotten. We are a true family.”

Senior team captain AJ Morgan said, “Of course everyone wanted to win the final, and there was unfortunate circumstances. We scored and the ref was a little bit confused and he ended up taking our goal back, but according to the rules that really shouldn’t have happened and was unfortunate. Just kind of the way the game played out, and Miramonte deserved it. It could have gone either way.”

Though Campolindo had 9 shots on goal, they just could not get the ball in the net. Sophomore forward Julia Rossi said, “We really didn’t have many chances.”

Miramonte scored the game-winning goal with 10 minutes left. Morgan noted, “Miramonte’s goal was scored by the hard effort of one player and that player was most of their offense the entire game, so she deserved that goal.”

Morgan said, “I think that when it comes down to the final people perform differently and at higher levels. So I think both teams understood it was going to be a one goal game, and tried to prevent the goal as much as possible.”

According to Rossi, Miramonte improved throughout the season. “I think that they really wanted it more this time. They gave more of an effort than they had last time.”

Morgan said, “Whenever we play them it has always been a close game, and the one time we did beat them it was in the last minute of the game.”