Golf Battles Wind at Lone Tree Tourney

Casey Miller, Editor-in-Chief

The boys’ golf team was runner-up at its first tournament of the year at the Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch, with junior Mitch DiRaimando the top individual with a 1 under par, 71. Despite windy conditions on the course, Campolindo tallied just 386 strokes, just 5 strokes back of Foothill.

Senior team captain Robert Young was out due to illness. Sophomore JV player Jack Moeller was brought up to varsity as a result.

“The course was sweet [at Lone Tree], but it was really windy when we played. It affected a lot of peoples’ games. It was really windy during the first half of the nine, then it started to ease out,” junior Will Lagomarsino said.

Winner DiRaimando said, “I was in close competition with a couple kids. I think there was one guy who almost beat me by one, so it was pretty tight.”

Lagomarsino, who shot 76, had one of the lowest scores of the tournament as well. “I mean, I spent a lot of time, a lot of practice. It’s nice when it pays off. I’d say it was a good team effort. I had one of the second-lowest scores,” he said.

However, it was difficult to kick off the season without star player and team captain. “We had some good freshmen that came up, and a good junior and senior that played well. It’s hard [without Robert Young] because he’s our team captain, but he was sick. We had to pull up one of our players from JV. It was harder because we probably could have won. We came in second, but we probably could have won if he had played,” Lagomarsino said.

To prepare for their first tournament of the year, the team practiced every day at the driving range and on the green. “I practiced pretty much every day and practiced what I needed to do and thought about it beforehand, and went out there and played well,” DiRaimando said.

“We practice most of the time on the driving range, just hitting balls. Then we go out and play,” Lagomarsino added.

Head coach Steve Robinson is known for his emphasis on the team. “[Our coach] drove us out there [to Lone Tree], and really pumped us up for the tournament, and the team did well altogether. He’s a really good coach. The team gets along pretty well,” DiRaimando said. “We work together and boost of each others’ morale (sic). Austin Fisher played pretty well, and so did Will Lago.”

“He’s encouraging and gives good advice,” Lagomarsino said.