Rockwell Advances to NCS Golf Tourney


After shooting an 86, Valerie Rockwell advances to NCS. She will play at Tilden Park Golf Course.

Jack Moeller, Sports Editor

Golfer Valerie Rockwell shot an 86 at Lone Tree Golf Course on October 27 to earn a berth in the North Coast Championship tournament.  The NCS tourney will be held at Tilden Park on November 3.

According to senior golfer Sarah Chu, “the top 6 girls in each league play in DFAL [Diablo Foothill Athletic League]. Depending on the scores in DFAL, the players who shoot the lowest scores are offered to play in an NCS qualifier,” she said.

According to Rockwell, advancing to NCS is rewarding. “It is a fantastic feeling to know that all of your hard work has paid off. I have spent extra time on the course, and it is very rewarding that all of the time was worth it,” she said.

Head coach Frank Coon said, “She is only a sophomore. It is quite an honor to have her play in NCS. She played in all league. I am extremely proud of her.”

Sophomore golfer Alicia Long, said, “I am excited for her, because she did so well this season.”

Long believes that Rockwell’s work ethic is the prime factor in her success. “She works really hard. She really tries to improve. She works hard at practice, and gets help from the coaches. She always works hard at improving [her game],” she said.

“Year around practice and more focus while practicing is a major part of why she is going to NCS. She also takes practice very seriously,” teammate Sarah Chu said.

Chu also believes Rockwell’s long game has improved. “Her drives and irons have gained yardage. Her form and distance has improved,” she said.

Rockwell anticipates that the NCS tournament will be different from the competition she has experienced up to this point. “I have not played at Tilden Park before. That is going to be a challenge. There is going to be more press, and the level of play is higher,” she said.