NFL Alum Addresses Christian Athletes


Stefen Wisniewski speech

Mallory La Piana, Staff Writer

Stefan Wisniewski, a former football player for the Oakland Raiders, gave a speech to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club on October 6.  

Wisniewski told the audience why he wanted to become a football player. He said, “I was born in Pittsburg, not the one in California but the one back in Pennsylvania, and I grow up a huge football fan, but actually I grow up in a football family. My father and uncle both played in the NFL.” 

In spite of his success, Wisniewski said he always stayed true to God. “I don’t know if you guys know this, but Christians from both teams after every game gather for prayer. I just shut my eyes and look up to God and pray. Just to know that he thought of me not just because I’m in football, but that I have this relationship with him,” he said.

Junior Chris Amador explained that Wisniewski’s speech made him feel that every moment in life is important. “Wisniewski’s speech showed me how I take things for granted all the time. He said everything that needed to be said. Like if he was a priest, that’s what they would talk about in church. He should be a priest!” he said.

Junior Adriana Ivanoff enjoyed Wisniewski’s passion. “I would go again if he was there to speak,” she said.