Dublin Defeats Short-Handed Tennis

Lindsay Wilson, Lifestyle Editor

Boys’ tennis lost to Dublin 3-6 on April 15, partly due to the shifting of the position ladder.

The Cougars won 3 of 9 matches. According to sophomore Jacob Goldsmith, the team performed well but their opponent was just a little better. “Dublin is a pretty strong team. The odds just weren’t in our favor,” he added.

Goldsmith also cited lack of concentration as a contributing factor for the loss. “I think that the team could focus a little bit more on how we play during the match,” he explained.

However, the greatest hindrance was the loss of one of the team’s best players, senior Marko Durovic, who became ineligible at the end of the quarter, and senior Zach Cole, who was on a college visit.

“It definitely had a toll on the lower line up for doubles and singles,” said junior Tilden Oliver.

Because #2 singles player Durovic was removed from the line up, the ladder was shifted. Lower level singles and doubles players were moved up one place in order to fill in the gap. “It forced the lower level doubles to play in higher positions,” Oliver said.

Specifically, seniors Bailey Wu and Dylan Brodsky, #1 doubles partners, were forced to play #5 and #6 singles. Wu had not played singles all season, and Brodsky had only played once. According to Oliver, he prefers playing doubles, but was willing to “take one for the team.” He and Brodsky both played singles, although “singles has a completely different mindset from doubles.”

“It really affected them,” Oliver said. Wu won his match, while Brodsky lost his.

“It put a lot more pressure on us in our positions,” Oliver explained.

According to Oliver, almost everyone went to deuce in the first set but lost the tiebreak. “We were in it even though we didn’t win,” he said.

Goldsmith was one of the 3 Cougar winners. “I played decently. I was hitting consistently and didn’t make too many errors,” he said. “I served pretty well,” he added.

Oliver lost his match due to lack of consistency and inability to capitalize on crucial points. “I thought I played all right. I think I had the opportunity to beat the other guy,” he said. “I don’t think I had the right mindset to win those specific points,” Oliver added.

Although he lost, Oliver believes that he put a solid effort into the match. “I thought I did a good job in the 1st set of trying to climb my way back,” he said.

Lack of concentration on those important moments cost him the match.”I had a chance to win the 1st set, but it didn’t work out.”

Despite the loss, Oliver feels that the team played well overall for the circumstances. “I think a lot of people didn’t feel like the team played well, but personally I think we did,” he said.