Soccer Tops Rival Dons


Kelly Pien, Opinion Editor

Boys’ varsity soccer defeated Acalanes 2-1 at Acalanes on February 5.

Acalanes scored the 1st goal a little less than halfway through the 1st half, but Cougar senior Rod Deichler scored 2 goals at the end of the half. No goals were scored in the 2nd half.

“Our expectations were pretty much to come in and win, and we did,” said coach Shane Carney. “Our backline played well, defensive communication got better in the 2nd half, possession was pretty good.”

During the game, 5 Campolindo players received yellow cards, which meant that they committed hard tackles that were deemed to be dangerous, and had to come off the field for a while. “We played pretty aggressive.” said Carney.

Carney and Deichler said the aggressive plays were due to the fact that they were playing Acalanes. Carney said, “…we were playing Acalanes and that’s how they play. It was fun. They were love taps.”

“It really just comes down to: it’s a rival game, and the intensity was really great,” said Deichler.

The atmosphere of the game was competitive because the stakes were high. Carney said, “Any time we play Acalanes, it’s a huge game. It has the air of an NCS game. The winner of this game usually goes on to win league.”

According to Carney, Acalanes and Campolindo traditionally “split” their two regular season matches.

Deichler was happy with the win. “It’s always nice to beat our rivals, especially on their home turf,” Deichler said.

Campolindo improved to 13-4-4 overall and 8-0-2 in DFAL.