Frey Takes Lacrosse Helm

Emily Fong, Co-News Editor

The upcoming boys’ lacrosse season will include a new face on the sideline: head coach Mitchel Frey.

According to Athletic Director Tom Renno, after last year’s season “the program needed a new direction.”  Long time head coach Drew Welch was not retained after the 2013 campaign and the position was opened for new applications in the summer.

Sophomore and returning veteran Austin Mello said, “I think the old coach did a lot for the program and we were better off than we started, but I guess we just needed a change.”

Frey, who coached the junior varsity team last year, is excited to take over the varsity staff. “I really enjoyed my time as the JV coach for that year, and I heard there was an opening for the varsity position. The rest is history,” he said.

As head coach, Frey hopes to be able to build a successful team. “My goals as a coach, first off, is to be a positive impact on the young men in our program. Number two would be to teach the young men of our program to play the game of lacrosse at a high level, and most importantly to do all of this with discipline, respect, hard work, and class.”

Frey also recognizes the importance of a student conduct off the field. “Athletics and lacrosse are just a byproduct,” he said. “So if our kids are not performing in the classroom, they will not be a part of the program.”

He assures that his players will be given every chance to succeed in class as well as during games. “We will try to help them, get the help where it’s needed, whether it be tutoring or stuff like that. First and foremost your grades have to be right.”

Mello likes that philosophy. “It might help some people who need to get it together,” said Mello.

“My coaching staff and myself are really going to challenge these kids and develop their knowledge of the game,” Frey said. “What we ask of them is to show up every single day, ready to play. There’s no excuse for a bad attitude, lack of effort, or lack of hustle. Those are all things you can control.”

The team’s roster has yet to be determined, since Frey is starting with a “clean slate.” No spots on the varsity roster are guaranteed, even for veterans. According to Frey, players who show outstanding effort on and off the field will be the ones chosen to fill the spots.

Looking ahead, the team faces many difficult match ups this season including away games with Marin Academy and Granada High School. Also, the team will be going on a trip during spring break to San Diego, where they will play two local high schools: St. Augustine and Del Norte. And, as always, games with Diablo Foothill Athletic League (DFAL) rivals Miramonte and Acalanes look to be as spirited as ever, according to Frey.

Frey is optimistic as he heads into the spring season. “I think our final expectation is we’re not going to win every game this year, even though I would like to. Reality is that we’re probably not. But I can guarantee you that we will work hard for the 48 minutes, we will have the classiest coaches, players, and parents in the DFAL and in the Bay Area,” he said.