Staff Suffers Defeat in Softball Challenge

Colette Wright, Staff Writer

The seniors and staff faced off against each other on May 13 in the annual softball game. The seniors came out victorious with a final score of 10-5.

The softball game is both a competition and tradition. Over 100 students came to the softball field to cheer on their fellow classmates.  Also in attendance were a significant portion of Campolindo’s faculty.

“I wanted to participate because it is a tradition, and it’s fun to compete with the fellow staff and the beloved seniors,” said English teacher Tom Duffy. He said the staff did have a chance of winning in the bottom of the 5th.

Special Education assistant Emily Hook showed solid defense, Dino Petrocco had an amazing catch on right field, and Mark Roberts hit a “prestigious” 2 run homer, according to Duffy.

The students had highlights of their own. “Robbie Tenerowitz hit a homer that is still flying,” said Duffy.

According to Tenerowicz, he decided to participate because everyone watches and it is fun to represent the students at the game. “I’m glad the students were victorious because we worked harder than the teachers,” said Tenerowicz. “We surpassed the teachers this year, and it was a great activity overall.”

“It’s so much fun to embarrass yourself in front of the student body and the fellow staff. It’s fun to heckle each other and goof off,” said math teacher Ken Ingersoll.

“I wanted to watch the game because it was a good way to see the students and staff face off,” said senior Jake Thomas. “The seniors had good playing skills, good technique, and a good interaction with each other.”

“The students deserved to win before they go off to college,” said Ingersoll.