Blue Runs away with Intra-Squad Title

Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

The track and field team held its annual Red versus Blue Meet on March 1 in Cougar stadium.

The meet was an inter-squad competition, meaning that Campo competed against itself. According to head track and field coach Chuck Woolridge, the team was divided up into 2 boys’ squads and 2 girls’ squads. “The teams were divided up to create a competitive meet, so there was a variety of ability levels and experience levels on each squad,” Woolridge said.

The purpose of having an inter-squad meet was to prepare for real, league competition against other schools, according to Woolridge. He said, “Having an inter-squad meet allows us to practice all aspects of competition, including familiarizing athletes with the order of events and preparing them for dealing with events that might be conducted simultaneously.” All 16 track and field events were held at the meet.

The meet’s name comes from the color clothing that the athletes wear. “One side wears red, the other side wears blue, so they call it the Red versus Blue Meet,” said Woolridge.

The boys’ and girls’ blue teams won the meet. “I felt like Red gave it their all, but Blue had a more stacked team,” said team captain Hadley Swanson, who was on the red team.  Swanson won the 100m, the high jump and the long jump, accounting for 15 points.

Captain Brian Pfaff said the meet also serves to get “everyone back into that competition feeling.”

Swanson agreed. She said, “I think its indicative of how you’ll do at the first few DFAL meets, not the last ones.” The squad’s 1st DFAL meet is on March 13 at Dublin High School.

The varsity girls’ team is the reigning NCS Champion.