Hickey Nominated for CIF Honor

Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

Seniors Laura Hickey and Kevin Fong were nominated for this year’s California Interscholastic Federation Scholar Athlete Award by Athletic Director Bob Wilson.  Only one student from each of the CIF member schools can be nominated per sports season.
Fong, a varsity cross country runner, represented the fall sports season. Hickey, who has played varsity basketball for Campo for four years, is the winter nominee.

“It’s great that there is a program like this to recognize people who work hard in athletics and academics. It’s an honor to be nominated,” she said.

The award requires a non-weighted 3.5 GPA or higher, as well as excellence in athletics and community service. Wilson chose Hickey for the award because she “is an outstanding person and an outstanding athlete. She’s a hard worker, does a good job on the court, and is a great leader of the team.”

Hickey will also have to send in an application and a 500-word essay.
According to Hickey, she manages both school and sports by not procrastinating. “I’m the opposite of a procrastinator. I do all my homework right when I get home. I don’t watch TV or anything first. By getting all my work done, it gives me time to practice.”

Hickey’s co-captain, Courtney Seyranian said that the senior is a great teammate and has a positive attitude. “She leads by example, encourages her teammates, and has expansive knowledge of basketball,” said Seyranian. “She’s our number one defender and shot blocker, and always racks up a lot of points for the team. She’s very consistent.”

According to Hickey, she has been playing basketball for ten years. “My dad was the coach for my brother and sister’s CYO teams, and I was his coaching assistant. It’s one of the first memories I have,” she said. Hickey continued to play for the Catholic Youth Organization, a summer league, and Joaquin Moraga Middle School basketball.

Basketball is fun for her because she can always contribute. “Even if my shots are off, I can always hustle and get back on defense, and help the team there.” Hickey plays several positions, but mostly forward.

For Hickey, the sport has strong family ties. “My brother and sister played for a long time, so it was a family activity. We’d go to the JM courts and practice. When they come back from college, we always go to the court and play. It brings my family together.”
Hickey’s application and essay for the award are due in February, and the results will be announced by the state athletic governing body in May.