Tennis Tunes Fitness Before DFAL Tournament


Colette Wright, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity tennis team earned a regular season record of 10-2, advancing to the Diablo Foothill Athletic League (DFAL) championships, a tournament featuring some of the highest ranked teams in the county.

The DFAL tournament will be contested on November 11 and 12.

Junior team member Sydney Stone said, “We are very well prepared, and I think we have a good chance of winning.”

Freshman player Hannah Ross said, “It will be a lot of fun because the level of competition will get a lot harder.”

With skill development as the focus through the season, the team is now focused on conditioning to give them the edge in the tournament. Coach Steve Robinson said, “We do fitness; we run four laps around the tennis courts, we do stretching, core scrimmages, and at the end we finish off with sprints.”

“The team has put in a lot of work for DFALs. We practice four days a week,” said Stone. The team’s hard work helped them prevail over rival teams Acalanes on October 4 and Las Lomas on October 16.

Senior team captain Mette Huberts said, “We practice hard for DFALs, and the team is really motivated.”

According to Robinson, the relatively small team shows a lot of character. “We are a consistent team with only sixteen girls. We are aggressive but respectful to our opponents.”

“We always put 100% in our practice,” added Ross.