Bloody Accident Shakes Volleyball Practice

Cat Kolm, Staff Writer

Sophomore Kit Nelson, starter for the junior varsity volleyball team, recently injured her finger while putting away the nets after practice. In a scene that looked more akin to a horror film than a volleyball game, Nelson’s index finger on her left hand was badly lacerated.

“I was there when it happened,” said Arrada Karmonphet, the JV libero and defensive specialist. “I was getting the other pole down with my teammate.”

According to Karmonphet, the pole was being taken down by Nelson and freshman Maddie Koelzer when the inside of the pole slid down onto Nelson’s finger as they lifted it up. 

“I was taking down the nets and the [extender] poles weren’t tightened,” said Nelson, “so when I went to pick it up it went down on my finger.”

“She was laughing at first and saying ‘ouch’ like nothing happened, but all of a sudden she started walking really fast to sports med, holding her hand close to her and leaning forward,” said Karmonphet. “Blood was dripping on the floor when she was walking; it looked like it really hurt.”

“There was blood all over the floor and my teammates,” said Nelson. “It did hurt, but not too bad.”

“I wasn’t really paying attention when it happened,” said coach Molly Abel. “But I remember looking over and seeing Kit holding her finger [wrapped up] in her shirt, and there was blood everywhere.  Everyone started freaking out.”

In fact, according to Ray Albiento, the athletic trainer, he fished the piece of Nelson’s finger that had been detached out of the trash can into which the bloody paper towels were deposited by her teammates.

“When I got into sports med, we just tried to stop the bleeding,” said Nelson, “then I went to the ER.” Albiento dressed the wound, and cleaned off the detached portion in case it could be reattached by doctors.

The accident has shaken the entire team with concern for Nelson, according to Karmonphet.

“Now whenever we take down the nets after practice, we’re all scared to touch the pole.” she admitted.

Fortunately, Nelson is on the road to recovery.  “I was out for two weeks,” said Nelson.  “I’m allowed to play, but I still can’t do everything, like blocking.”

“She’s a great player,” said Abel. “She’s definitely a big part of the team, but this accident won’t affect her at all.”