New Golf Coach Focused on Developing Skills, Enthusiasm


Sarah Chu swings her golf club at a practice.

Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

The girls’ golf team is focusing on “growing” this year. They have won 3 matches and lost 4 against league opponents.

“We’re doing okay,” said freshman player Sophia Hubbell.

Each player’s score “depends on how many strokes you take [how many times you hit the ball],” said junior Victoria Targett, a 3-year golf team veteran. At the end of a match, “You take the 5 top scores, add them, and then you compare.” According to Hubbell, the school with the lowest score wins.

Not every person on the team plays at every match however. Players take turns playing at matches, and on average, a player plays every other match, said Targett.

According to 1st time coach Frank Coon, the focus this year is on getting the new players experience in the game, building skills, and getting the new players excited. “We’re definitely in a growth year,” said Coon. “We have girls who haven’t been playing for very long.”

Nevertheless, veteran players are still motivated. “It’s fun being a senior and welcoming the freshmen,” said Marissa Chan, who has been on the golf team for 4 years. She said that since 4 of last year’s players graduated, the team is comprised mainly of rookies.

Senior Samantha Chan, who has also been on the team for 4 years, is still looking to improve her own game. She plans to “play more often on [her] own”.

Practices are Monday through Thursday at the Moraga Country Club.

There is uncertainty among the players as to how they will finish in the Diablo Foothill Athletic League (DFAL). “Hopefully, we’ll do our best,” said Marissa Chan.

If they don’t win the DFAL this year, Coon is confident they can win sometime in the near future. “They show a tremendous amount of promise,” Coon said of the new players.