Broken Hand Doesn’t Stop Lacrosse Standout

Kevin Fong, Staff Writer

Hannah Perkins continues to fight for her team on the lacrosse field despite a broken hand. Perkins’ second metacarpal snapped during the game against Miramonte on Tuesday, April 17th, when an opposing player stepped on it. Although her doctor put her into a cast, she cut it off and opted for a splint.

“I did it more for my ability to play,” she said.

Although she can more easily handle a lacrosse stick without the cast, she said that there is still pain when she plays. “I’m not going to let it affect my playing that much,” Perkins said. She added that because it is her senior season, she is determined to stay on the field.

Team co-captain Brooke Martini supported Perkins’ decision. “It shows that she loves the sport,” Martini explained.  Martini said that the team gets through everything together. She said, “I think that everyone on the team would do what she’s doing to keep playing.”

According to Coach Jim Magee, Perkins is an excellent example. He said, “She means so much to our team by a leadership standpoint.” He said that before she saw a doctor about her hand, she told him that she was playing the next game. “Her example has been very important to our success here,” he said. “She doesn’t take any plays off.”

Magee said that he intended to take her out of her first few games back to give her time to rest, but she insisted on playing. He said, “that is very much of the character of our team.”