Demanding Training Keeps Basketball in Contention

Brooke Presten, Staff Writer

Boys’ varsity basketball is on the path to the league title. Coached by Mac Watson, the team remains at the top in the DFAL despite their first league loss last week against Las Lomas.

Superior fitness is one reason the Cougars have a winning record. Justin Dunn said, “The games we have won have mostly been fourth quarter, so we usually train harder after practice when we are really tired. This way we will be prepared to push ourselves if we happen to be in that same situation again.”

The team also spends time in the weight room, and some players continue training beyond formal practice sessions. Isaac Christian said, I have a personal trainer and varsity is a different level than JV, so you have to get better in order to play at the higher level.”

According to Christian, Coach Watson expects a lot from his team. “He thinks we can win league and make it far in NCS. He says that we have a target on our backs, so we have to work extra hard every week in order to be ready for our next opponent,” Christian explained.