Holden’s Handball League Takes Off

Eric Weston, Staff Writer

Junior Nick Holden never imagined that his idea of creating a European handball league would become a local craze with over sixty regular participants.

Titled the Pickup Summer Handball League, Holden’s creation is now a school phenomena and is so popular that he has five co-commissioners to help him run the league and is introducing bi-weekly offseason games to meet the demand for new handball competitions.

“When I first started, I didn’t have much of a plan because I didn’t think it would be so popular,” said Holden. After recruiting his friends to help him in April, Holden discovered a wave of interest in team handball at Campolindo. With a group of appointed captains, eight teams were drafted before the start of summer.

Co-commissioner Colton Jang praised Holden, saying he has “unmatched administrative capabilities.” Holden was able to create a lineup of matches for every team based upon every players’ own individual schedules. Players responded to Holden’s dedication by participating in great numbers – there was even a large turnout of spectators at key playoff matches.

Led by captain Dylan Wilson, the Burton Valley Blackbirds won the championship match against the Globo Gym Purple Cobras in the last week of summer. Key to the success of the Blackbirds was All-Star goalie and senior Chad Cook. He spoke fondly of his experience with the league. “I like that it was a different sport that I hadn’t participated in,” said Cook.

Now that the first season is over, Holden is preparing a series of bi-weekly offseason matches at Joaquin Moraga middle school to keep players happy until the start of season two. He has witnessed an even greater interest in the second season, with over one hundred Campolindo students signed up already.

The anticipation for next summer is enormous. Jang spoke about his love of the handball league, adding, “the league gives me a constructive outlet for my stress and angst.”