Tennis Girl’s Varsity Success

Tennis Girls Varsity Success

Casey Miller, Staff Writer

The undefeated Varsity girls’ tennis team has been having their best season in years due to new players, more challenging practices, and more overall experience. Co-captain Natalie Korich said, “We are much more of a team than previous years, spirit-wise.”

Claire Faulkner explained, “We have had much more intense practices, which has definitely helped us get better. Plus, we have the best captains this year, Natalie Korich and Melissa McCue. The captains make us feel united as a team.”

With a DFAL record of 10-0, the team is closer than ever, even with new recruits. Korich added, “As captains, Melissa and I bring the focus together in the team. We have to be the leaders.”

This year has many star players. Faulkner has won the most matches so far, with a record of 8-0. She said, “It’s my third year on varsity. Because I’m older and I’ve had more experience, I’m much better.” Juliette Eyl, another star player, has won 7 of her matches.

DFAL champions now, the varsity team continues Campo’s athletic winning streak. With a combination of talent and attitude, the team pulled through at the end.

The returning varsity players, including Faulkner and Korich, have added years of experience to the team.

Co-captain McCue has one piece of advice for the players: “Just enjoy the game.”