Leslie Steps in for Girls’ Hoops

Kevin Fong, Staff Writer

Elgin Leslie will be the new Varsity girl’s basketball coach this winter season. He will be replacing Clay Kallam, who now coaches at the Bentley School. Scott Anderson, the previous girl’s Junior Varsity coach, will be coaching the boy’s Junior Varsity this year. Matt Kirby and Maddy Rundin will be the girl’s Junior Varsity coaches. The Freshman boy’s coach will be Gradon Travis.

According to Athletic Director Bob Wilson, Leslie has great “basketball knowledge.” Leslie has good experience, as he previously coached at both Concord High School and Carondelet. He also has a background in education as he once was a 5th grade teacher.

Junior Lauren Fruci, a current participant of the preseason training, said that Leslie’s coaching style is different, but the transition between coaches is going smoothly.

She said that Leslie places importance on both the individual and the team. Fruci is “definitely looking forward to the season and how the team works out.” She thinks that the new coaches will bring the team far into the North Coast Section playoffs.

Fruci said that Leslie “cares about fundamentals.” Working outside of the gym is a part of Leslie’s training regimen.

Fruci said that the team is doing more cardiovascular work, including sprints and bike training. The team currently meets after 7th period daily for their preseason training sessions.