Willy, Frisbee Offer “Ultimate” Diversion

Eric Weston, Staff Writer

Like so many college campuses around the United States, Ultimate Frisbee has become wildly popular at Campolindo.

Foreign language teacher Mr. Willy has sponsored the Ultimate Frisbee club at Cam- polindo for the past ten years. He says the popularity of the club varies from year to year based upon how many seniors graduate. Currently, there are approximately twenty-five regular attendees at their after school games.

The club members meet most Fridays at around 3:20pm to engage in a pickup game of Ultimate. But do not be fooled into thinking that Ultimate is easy. The game is deceptively challenging and competitive.

The quick back and forth action of the sport is akin to soccer. Players must not only have the coordination to catch and throw the Frisbee, but they must also have the endurance to keep up with the pace of play. Despite the initial challenge of Ultimate, the club remains open to all.

Seniors and club leaders Trent McCormick and Marcus Van Duren hope to expand the club beyond the regular Friday sessions into organized matches against other schools.

They also work to organize events on weekends if the weather during the week pre- vents play.

Frisbee strikes a chord with Campolindo students because it rewards physical athleti-cism and practice, but can be played by almost anyone.

The club members see the environment as friendly and inviting for anyone with a passion for frisbee, and is a fun way to spend an afternoon with one’s friends.

Senior Will Howard has participated in the club nearly every week for the past two years. He said, “In the Frisbee Club, we develop a unique sense of camaraderie.”