Maggie & Yasmine – Letter from the EICS <3

Summer is finally upon us, marking the end of another eventful year at Campo. From our cereal-themed homecoming to the final performances of Newsies, our community has become bonded in ways that we have never seen before in our four years here. We’ve reached the end of our high school journey and are ready to head into the next chapter of our lives. For our final issue and Letter from the Editors, we want to focus forward on our summers that impatiently await us.

Summer is the crown jewel of all seasons in America. Movies and shows like High School Musical 2 or The Summer I Turned Pretty add to this ideal of the American summer: pool parties, backyard barbecues, firework showings, and having a general sense of togetherness, whether it be with friends or family. However, if we look past the smiles and fun times of those starring in the more popular stereotypical depictions of an American summer, there’s a common trend of not representing the whole. America, a country historically described as a “melting pot,” should have its favorite season be representative of all people who live there. Our summers that are supposed to be centered on being together somehow make it feel as if we’re farther apart from our fellow Americans.

There’s always room for improvement and progress, which is why we urge everyone to engage with different cultures this summer, whether that be vacationing to another country, trying new foods, or finding yourself in one of San Francisco’s various markets or museums. For too long, we, as a community, have been divided by our differences, but together we share an identity that transcends all that — we are all Americans. Our country is the pot that mixes us all together as one, where so many of our different cultures mesh together to add diversity to our larger community.

Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new ideas this summer, embrace the inevitable change that comes with the seasons. Roll with the punches and maybe even discover something new about yourself in the process. Visit a place that you’ve never been, dare to talk to someone new, and live life to the fullest (as cheesy as it is, it’s a good expression). If we all wanted to stay in our comfort zone, then nothing would ever progress and we would never grow as people. Be the driving force this summer, with both hands on the wheel (although to our new underclassmen drivers, please be safe for the sake of all of us on the road).

Wishing you all the best this summer, and farewell,
XOXO Maggie & Yasmine