Letter from the Editor: Finding Home in an Evolving Community

This school year has been unlike any we have experienced so far. We have welcomed so many new faces to the Campolindo community, including our principal, Mr. Alvarez, new teachers spanning many different departments, and new classes, programs, and clubs throughout our campus.

We not only have welcomed so many new teachers, programs, and clubs this year, but also an entirely new class of students, who for the most part, experienced their middle school years over Zoom. I know there is definitely playful animosity between upperclassmen and freshmen, but even I, as a senior, can admit that would have been rough.

With this change, comes the possibility of creating new traditions, new spaces, and new homes for each and every one of us here at Campo. The newly established Student Union, the move of Wellness Center to B3, the restructuring of Leadership into 2 periods, and the new Deconstructing Race class are just some of the many examples of how change is creating growth in our school community.

However, this year has also allowed us to return to previous traditions, as well as a semblance of normalcy that we all have missed over the past couple of years.

Homecoming was our first indoor dance in over 2 years, and I know that we all had a blast dancing the night away, donning our grade’s different cereal themed shirts, walking around the decorated halls, and participating in spirit days leading up to the big homecoming football game— where we absolutely crushed our opponent, Northgate just 1 week after winning a close game between 1 of our rivals, Acalanes.

Many previously established traditions feel like they are back in full swing, and I know that for me, as well as so many other seniors, we finally feel as though our high school careers are going to have a normal closure.

On the topic of finding places and homes in our school community, I as well as the rest of the senior class are starting to think about where our future homes are going to be after high school. I know that many of us are currently working hard on college applications, or patiently awaiting for acceptance emails. Some of us already have their future plans figured out, and are thinking about how different life is going to be after this year is over.

Oh! I almost forgot, The Claw family wants to wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, a time for giving back, taking a well deserved break from the stress of homework and tests, and finding home amongst loved ones and plentiful heaps of good food. Mmm… turkey!