Crude or Rude? Students Swear Too Much

Lets face it, students at Campolindo are prone to curse, whether it’s online or on campus with their friends. A lot. There are many people who would say we should be cursing a whole lot less.

When I am referring to the usage of curse words by Campo students in this article, I am specifically referring to words that are not racial and homophobic slurs (that should never be used or especially directed at other people). But in addition to non-slur swear words, we all know of the issues Campo faces with students who use such crude language on campus.

While our generation is critiqued for using swear words far more than older generations do, we shouldn’t be condemned solely for using minor curse words both online and in our everyday language. However, swearing during school should be avoided.

Well, there are a few reasons to omit using explicit language in class, the 1st being the potential for punishment. If a teacher catches you swearing regularly in class, you could be sent to the principal’s office or publicly chastised. It often depends on the teacher, but it’s a sign of respect and simply common courtesy to keep your language clen when in class.

“Generally speaking, I don’t think swearing is appropriate in academic and supportive environments,” said English teacher Shannon Sieckert.

Also, if you swear in front of visiting parents, at a football game or swim meet for example, it will reflect poorly on our school. How our school is perceived matters, especially during this digital age where things can be recorded easily and everything on the Internet is forever.

Furthermore, swearing a lot as a student could make a habit of cussing so when you’re an adult and have a job, a bad word could slip out. It also makes you appear undisciplined. The Campo wrestling team makes you do pushups for swearing for this reason.

Once again, slurs are not good to have in your vocabulary. But the usage of common curse words that would appear in PG-13 movies has been inducted into the everyday language of most teens. So, if you’re in a place where swearing can make you seem undisciplined and unprofessional, you shouldn’t; save it for when you’re in a private environment with your friends.