Letter From the Adviser: An Apology

On Friday, February 21, the La Puma staff recalled its print issue as a result of an insensitive headline chosen to accompany its cover photograph.

As the adviser of the Campolindo journalism program and staff member responsible for approving La Puma content, I would like to clarify 2 things about this incident:

  1. I deeply regret not recognizing the insensitivity of juxtaposing such a headline with the subject matter of the photograph.  I am embarrassed by my carelessness and take full responsibility for the mistake.  I sincerely apologize to the entire Campolindo community.
  2. The insensitive headline was created by me.  None of my student staff members were involved in developing the headline.  In the final minutes prior to our deadline for sending pages to the printer I completed the front page independent of any collaboration with students.

While this incident has revealed that I have work to do in order to better appreciate the needs of our campus and community, I am hopeful that it will be the catalyst for positive, meaningful growth, both for myself and for my students.

The La Puma staff, at the direction of a truly caring and conscientious group of student editors, has already taken steps to affect change.  These include restructuring our process for approving material for publication as well as doubling efforts to encourage the participation of more students in our program, particularly from campus groups currently underrepresented on our staff.

While La Puma will continue to support free speech and provide a vital campus platform for student expression, it must also be committed to fostering an inclusive campus environment, 1 in which all students feel valued, supported and safe.

I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with our Campolindo students, staff and community.  I am sorry to have let them down.  I pledge to rededicate myself to the same standards I expect of those in my charge and those with whom I have the privilege to work.


Charles Woolridge
La Puma Adviser