Desperate for the Cure

Casey Miller, Editor in Chief

At this point, I’m not sure I even have senioritis anymore. This is like an extreme version of senioritis; this is a complex virus that is eating away at my body, mind, and soul. I feel myself getting physically weaker by the second. Sleep deprivation is probably slowly killing me, and I’m stressing about all the wrong things. How screwed up is it that I’m more stressed about finding a ball date than AP testing?

This, my young underclassmen friends, is senioritis at its worst. My motivation for actual schoolwork is deteriorating rapidly. I know that my grades could slip a little bit and I’d still have a secure spot at my college. However, as my parents like to remind me whenever they decide to check Schoolloop, “it’s about pride.”

Now, I have short term memory loss when it comes to project due dates (it all comes back exactly 24 hours before the deadline), extreme difficulty crawling out of bed in the morning, perpetual tardiness to a third of my classes, an overpowering need to senselessly rebel against the school system, frequent daydreams about college life, and a way overinflated ego and sense of superiority when dealing with underclassmen.

Along with most of my senior class, I am a hot mess Monday through Thursday, every week.

Of course, I still attempt to appear casual, normal, and like I’m not falling apart inside. I still have to find a ball date, after all. Plus, I still believe in my mantra of “look good, feel good.”

But college sweatshirts and Lululemons are all that I can put together for an outfit. It’s simply the senior way of life.

I am really trying not to let my apathy consume me. I still have two internships, a job, and 3 AP classes. “Yes, Casey! Get good grades! Work hard at your job! Wear cute clothes! Find a ball date! Make an effort as a human being!”

The only cure for senioritis may be a potent, and potentially dangerous medicine known as “graduation.” It isn’t available until June, and I’m not certain I will make it that far. Seriously, six weeks still to go?