Wright Ready for College Life

Colette Wright, Design Editor

I remember freshman year. I was at a new school in a different situation. Classes were more rigorous. I was worried.

Now, I’m a second semester senior and high school is no big deal. I have a new challenge to face in 5 months: College.

I am more nervous about college than I ever was about high school. College marks the entry into the real world. The transition from high school to college will be the biggest milestone in my life so far. I won’t have anybody monitoring and guiding me. I will have freedom and  responsibilities. I’ll be in control.

In a way, I’m happy to get out of the Lamorinda bubble. But, I’ll be leaving my comfort zone.

I’ve chosen the University of Oregon and will study English. I’m excited for college because I won’t have a 7 hour school day anymore and I can study what I’m truly passionate about. I’ll have a different schedule and an entirely different structured day.

University of Oregon is about 10 times the size of Campolindo. I’m expecting classes with 150-200 people in my lower division courses. There will be a wider variety of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests.

Last week, I signed up for dorm rooms and meal plans. I filled out a survey about my personality to match me with a roommate. I’ve heard people talk about the form but I never imagined actually filling it out. I’m going to orientation in mid-July, which will probably ease my nerves.

Looking back to freshman year, I’ve realized how much I have matured. I’m more prepared for what I will face in college. Now my anxiety is almost gone.