GQ Contest Showcases Talent

Colette Wright, Design Editor

While some have accused the annual Mr. GQ contest of being sexist, the show has several benefits, including giving students the opportunity to showcase their talents, raising money for charities, and increasing school spirit.

Every year, Leadership hosts Mr. GQ, a male talent show. Last year, contestants played guitar, techno violin, and the tuba. They also sang popular songs.

Each competitor in Mr. GQ represents a club or class. They also raise money for foundations and charities. Leadership encourages sophomores, juniors, and seniors to come and share their talents with their peers.

“Leadership puts on Mr. GQ for students because it is a great way for our school to come together, have a great time, and raise money for a great cause,” said commissioner of diversity Anjali Bajaj.

“Mr. GQ is good for showcasing talent. You can show off skills in front of a big crowd,” said former competitor Troy Westernoff. “Everyone deserves an opportunity to showcase their multiple talents.” I wanted to do it to test out my skills,” added Westernoff.

“I think it is a really fun activity. I would encourage everyone to attend Mr. GQ because you will never know what you will miss. It truly is always an unforgettable event,” said Bajaj.