Ditch Day Expense Worth It

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

There are certain things that are kept just for seniors here at Campo: decorating cars at the beginning of the year, senior shirts, the Boomers trip, and arguably the most important one, the infamous Senior Ditch Day.

Senior Joelle Alley loves this tradition. “I think skip day is a really great way for all the seniors to spend one last day together. It’s outside of school so we all get the change to spend time with one another and have fun before our very last finals,” she said.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this day for 3 years. Every year, hundreds of pictures are posted on social media about the day’s activities, and looking at them makes me more excited for the day when my friends and I can participate. We can all carpool down to the beach for a day of fun before the stress of finals.

A big question for Ditch Day is whether to call in sick, or to actually ditch. Honestly, I’ve never cut class in my life, and I’m not prepared to start now with less than 2 weeks left in school. I don’t want to spend the 1st day of summer in Saturday school, and I don’t think anyone else does either. I’m going to call in sick with the rest of the senior class, even though it’s technically not “ditching.”

The school also loses approximately 30 dollars for each student that doesn’t come to school. 30 times 300 seniors means the school loses approximately $9000. It is a significant amount.

Personally, I think that since the seniors have been to school for the majority of 4 years, so we all deserve to miss this day. Campo will survive with 9000 dollars less, it really will.

So seniors, let’s go have fun at the beach on Senior Ditch Day! The last 4 years have been amazing, now let’s celebrate being seniors. We’re so close, class of 2013!