Hallmark Holiday Wasted Effort

Nikki Honda, Co-Sports Editor

The dreaded day all singles must face: Valentine’s Day.

All around the world, people see February 14 as a special day to show appreciation for friends, family, and significant others. People buy gifts and make plans to show how they feel about the important people in their lives. In some cases, this can be a great time to pause from the chaos of life and acknowledge individuals that make a difference in one’s life.

However, in other cases it’s really not that necessary. After all, isn’t the idea of Valentine’s Day pretty contradictory? If someone really cared about another, they would make sure to express it daily, not just annually.

The point of being in a relationship isn’t to dedicate specific days to give gifts to a boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s what birthdays are for. The point of being in a relationship should be finding someone you enjoy spending time with and can always have fun with, while still understanding each other and being there for each other.

We shouldn’t have to designate a single day to remember this.

Valentine’s Day is another excuse for advertisers and businesses to make more profit off the ignorance of consumers. People feel obligated to purchase extravagant gifts and make fancy dinner reservations because everyone else is doing the same thing.

I feel like the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day, but it just seems so pointless. Instead, couples should be spending quality time together on their own terms, not wasting time and effort on a silly day that will be forgotten the following week.

Valentine’s Day is a waste of a holiday. Everyone would be happier if we just canceled it and made another Christmas instead.