Leadership’s Peace Love and Pancakes Fundraiser

Freshmen Violet Ludwig and Kaelyn Abeyta enjoying their pancakes.

Leadership ran a Peace, Love, and Pancakes event in E9 in order to raise funds for the international organization, Vital Voices during Academy on March 10. Students participated in an “all you can eat” pancake fiesta by contributing 10 dollars and then enjoying the pancake buffet.

Vital Voices strives to empower women across the world. Leadership chose the organization for this fundraiser as it “is focused on helping women in developing countries [which corresponds] with women’s history month,” according to Leadership Adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe.

“This is our second annual [Peace, Love, and Pancakes fundraiser],” Webb-Peploe added. The inspiration behind this stemmed from this fundraiser being seen, “at [Joaquin Moraga] and [leadership] students last year wanted to bring it to Campolindo,” she said.

In order to raise awareness, Leadership put up posters around campus and announced information about the fundraiser in their weekly fifth period announcements.

Leadership students seniors Katie Duff and Colette Toubba heavily contributed to the organization of the event. Another Leadership student, senior Nathan Jay said “I helped out where support was needed…the organization was overall pretty simple…they had to delegate and see which person was bringing the pancake maker, which person was bringings tablecloths, etc.”

In total, 330 dollars were raised. Students enjoyed chocolate and plain pancakes with toppings like whipped cream, nutella, and strawberries while spending time with friends at tables decorated with pink-heart tablecloths. Sophomore Sierra Hack shared that she thought the pancakes “were delicious and [she] liked that there were a wide variety of toppings.”

Many students happily anticipated this event. “I didn’t eat breakfast to make room for pancakes — I love pancakes, I was so excited,” said sophomore Charlotte Goodman.

Although events like Peace, Love and Pancakes are a step for Campo to contribute to prioritizing creating a positive impact, Webb-Peploe shared she “wish[es] that [Campo] did a lot more around global awareness.” She added, “I always like when my students want to pick speakers of events that help us develop a heart for people around the world.”

Striving for this in the Leadership class is a way for the entire school to be a part of, according to Webb-Peploe, “developing this heart” through benefits like Peace, Love and Pancakes.

Jay said “this fundraiser shows Campo is really committed to helping the world,” and Goodman felt “it’s really good that we do these fundraisers, it’s fun for us and it’s a good way to be more integrated in our school community.”

While enjoying her pancakes, Hack said “this is overall a very welcoming community and it feels good to know that we’re supporting things like Vital Voices and can come together to do that.”