A New Newspaper About Equity has Emerged

A new online newspaper is making waves: The Campo Chronicle, a newspaper dedicated to shining light on underrepresented countries and equity. The first issue, published on January 9, was titled “Southern West Africa,” and it focused on this region during post-WWII decolonization. The goal of the club is to educate students about how underrepresented this region is in the history curriculum.

Founder of The Campo Chronicle junior Aditya Kapur said, “I hope people will be able to see more diversity by looking at different countries that we don’t learn about in school and that we don’t cover in our curriculum. We learn a lot about the western world but we don’t learn about countries like Africa, Asia, and South America…I wanted to learn more about that so I started the club.”

Kapur wanted these countries to be represented and for students to understand the hardships of those countries that don’t get represented in our school history curriculum.

World History teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe said, “I think it’s amazing, and they’re right. I would love to see [a] greater global curriculum here at Campo.”

Junior Michael Lan said, “There’s a lot of discussion about equity, especially exploring different histories outside of the traditional European or American history. We started the club this year, and want to explore other countries.”

Junior Sol Dente added, “In history, there [are] a lot of problems with the curriculum being very European and American-biased and focusing on stories about that, we did our issue on decolonization in Africa In the 1950’s to raise awareness to a kind of view of history that is rarely talked about.”

Future issues are currently in the making, as writers are busy preparing for their next issue release. The staff wants to foster an equitable environment where everyone is represented. The next issue will be released in March.

Junior Ben Tallon said, “Their mission is really important. They want to spread awareness about cultural diversity and examine the little known, not talked about historical events that happened.”